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When someone does a search for a topic, search engines like Google rank all the possibilities hoping to provide results that are most relevant.  They create these rankings by analyzing the contents of your website and some of the underlying structure as well.  It’s important to make sure your website is set up to help search engines with the process so that you are listed in the results.  (That’s part of our monthly service.)

Let’s say your business offers a particular product and that product is one of your primary sources of revenue.  You will need to  make sure that searches about that product rank highly.  We help you do that by making sure that your website has lots of relevant content about that product.  We also help you do that by making sure the content of your website stays current – search engines hate old content.

We also help you improve the chances of getting a good listing by using only our own, original content created just for you.  As part of our website service, we help you create and add new, original content on a regular basis.  Some of our competitors sell the same, exact content to dozens and dozens of  businesses.  Search engines hate that.  (To learn more about the importance of original content, read our article on the topic.)