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Email marketing is a great tool for staying in touch with customers. Your customers are constantly bombarded with advertising messages – hundreds and thousands of them in any given day.  Email marketing is a great tool to keep your name in front of them – something marketing experts call “top of mind awareness.”

It’s a way to update them on new products and services and a way to let them know about special deals.

Email is what we call a “push” tool – it “pushes” your message out to customers.  They don’t have to do anything to get the message other than read their email.

One other benefit:  Facebook and Adwords now allow you to show ads to people on your email list.  The people on your list are prime prospects, so being able to show an ad specifically to them is quite valuable.

How do you make sure a customer remembers you and comes back to you?  Email marketing is an excellent way to make that happen.