They say that the most valuable customer is the one you already have.  So how are you staying in touch with your current customers?  And how can internet marketing help you navigate that task?

Getting a new customer can be costly.  Keeping a current one is a hugely effective use of your marketing budget.  Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t spend a lot of time or money marketing to current customers.

Part of that is time.  Part of that is cost.  Fortunately, marketing to them using the internet can make the job much easier and cheaper to accomplish.

Let’s take one example.  An email newsletter.  Compared to old-fashioned print newsletters, an email newsletter is so cheap it’s almost free.  You can easily deliver your message right to your customer’s inbox with a message that’s right on target.

Provide relevant content, and your customer will look forward to hearing from you – even benefit from the newsletter. So when they’re in need of what you do, you’ll not only be at the top of their minds, you will be there as one of the good guys, helping solve their problems.