Remarketing is a pretty powerful tool for getting your message in front of customers multiple times.

What is remarketing?

Don’t let the marketing lingo intimidate you.  Remarketing is a just a way to reach people who have shown an interest in you with multiple messages.

Here’s how it works with videos on Youtube.  Once you link your Youtube video account with your Adwords account, you can set up a campaign in Adwords that tracks how a Youtube user interacts with you videos.  For example, if someone watches one of your videos, you can tell Youtube to show them a second video later on. (You can get more details from Google here.)

You can use remarketing in a lot of different ways – for example, you can tell Facebook to show your ad to people who have visited your website.

The big advantage of remarketing is that you are reaching people who have already shown an interest in you with a second or third (or fourth) message.  Repetition builds awareness and greater awareness increases the possibility that they will buy from you.