If you’ve been a small business owner for awhile, the changes in advertising over the past decade might have left you scratching your head.  It used to be a simple thing – get a phone directory ad, put an ad in the paper, buy air time on TV.

It’s easy to feel like the changes are just too much to keep up with.  And sometimes, that truly is the case.

But keep this in mind:  Customers interact with new media in a way they never, ever did with old media.  People take their smartphones with them everywhere.  They interact with them dozens and dozens of times a day.  Who ever did that with a phone book?

And, these interactions are very deep and very personal.  Facebook just did a study of how parents have integrated smartphones into their parenting.  You can see it here.  Yes, it’s a lot of marketing lingo, but the upshot is this: This new way of interacting with media means that you can have a much more personal interaction with your customers.  You can meet their needs in a way that you never could have with old media. You can easily create multiple messages to appeal to different customer needs.  You can start and stop campaigns anytime you want.  You can control who sees your message.  And you can measure it.  All of it.

Yes, it can be frustrating keeping up with all the changes. But it is definitely worth it.