It’s not just small businesses that are scrambling to keep up with the changes in advertising.  Even giants like CBS are running into some problems.

This year’s Super Bowl on CBS drew about 114 million viewers.  But the ratings system that tracks viewers is very outdated and broadcasters are beginning to question it’s accuracy.

Nielsen is the biggie in TV ratings.  But they have not adapted to new ways of interacting with media. One industry analyst said:

The TV ratings system as we know it is outdated

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Ratings for old media have always been a bit of a guessing game – they have always been more like estimates than actual measures.

Internet marketing, on the other hand, is all about measurement.  You can get detailed data about exactly how many people visited your website, saw you ad, viewed a video, etc.

Oh, and internet marketing is a whole lot more affordable for small business.  Interested in a national spot during the Super Bowl?  $5 million for a 30 second ad.