Complete Digital Marketing Plan

A complete small business internet marketing plan needs these six components. We set up all six then keep them running with fresh, original content.

Our plans start at $650 per month and are tailored to your business’ needs.

Detailed pricing will be included in the individual proposal.



If you just want a video without any other services, our pricing is designed to work with a small business budget.  Learn more

Video Marketing

If you just want a video without any other services, our pricing starts at $750 for a video that’s filmed at a single location and that’s a pretty basic introduction to your business. If you need something more complex, let us know and we can help you.


Website design service is available separate from the monthly plan. Prices vary depending on the scale of your project.

If your budget isn’t ready for monthly services, you should at least get started by getting a website.  We offer a simple website, free setup (up to 3 pages), hosting and domain name for just $24.95 per month.  And your new website is easily upgradeable when you’re ready for it.

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