You don’t have a video?

All the power of television advertising – at a fraction of the cost.  That’s what internet video marketing can offer small business today.  It is now possible for every small business to add video to their marketing plans.

Our video pricing

Think the production cost of getting a video is beyond your budget?  We keep our prices competitive by using a small crew, sticking to our script and doing lots of planning.  Don’t be fooled by national companies that promise cheap videos that wind up being canned content or animation.  We come to your location and tell your story as only you can tell it.  We want small businesses like yours to explore the potential of video marketing. All of our monthly plans include video production and you can also hire us for individual projects.


Wagner Internet Marketing provides full video marketing services for small business.
Tell your business's story in a video.
Distribute it to thousands - or millions.
All the power of television at a fraction of the cost.
Are you prepared to grow your business?

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