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What We Do

Wagner Internet Marketing can manage all of your digital marketing – your website, advertising on Google and Facebook, email marketing and analytics.  We can also create all of your content  – text, photography and video. We measure all results so you know you’re spending your budget effectively.  We are an experienced, dedicated team located in Dayton, Ohio, and we work closely with our clients.

Complete Digital Marketing Plans

We offer monthly digital marketing plans, which provide these six service areas. We set up all six of them and keep them running with fresh, original content.

Website content

We update your website regularly so that your customers know your latest news and your content is SEO friendly.

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Plus, it needs to say why you’re better than the sea of your competitors. In addition to being fast and mobile friendly, it needs to truly express your unique personality – both visually and through text.

Original content that tells your story as only you can.  That’s the best way to engage a potential customer.  

We create  that content for you then get it in front of the people who matter most to your business. 

Google Ads

Every search starts with Google. The next time your prospective client searches for a company like yours, Google Ads will get you in front of them.  

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We are Google Ads Partner company, which means we can establish cost effective campaigns that target your potential customers at exactly the moment they are  searching.  Unlike some companies, we do not work on a commission basis – our services are part of our monthly service cost.


Social media marketing

Social media lets you build a relationship with a person before they become a customer.  That’s how branding works today.   

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You need to stay in front of your clients, constantly building a relationship with them by creating content that is relevant to them.  The biggest challenge is creating new content that is fresh and relevant.  That’s where we come in – we create that content then share it with your customers. 


A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth even more than that. We produce and distributed your photos and videos for you.

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Ads, Client testimonials, project overviews, how to videos, about us videos – all of these help convey your message using the same tools that TV advertising uses.  

We help you with every aspect of video production, from scripting and site scouting, to shooting, editing and distributing your videos.  

We are also licensed sUAV pilots so can provide aerial photography in compliance with FAA regulations.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great tool for staying in touch with valued customers to encourage additional purchases and referrals to friends and family.  

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Timely, relevant emails can remind your past clients about your promotions, events and everything else

Current and former customers are much more likely to become customers again. Not only can we use an email list for email marketing, it can be used for other types of remarketing.  

They can also share with friends, easily forward emails and recommend you to their friends and family.



We implement the basics of SEO for you, but we  believe that creating new, relevant content is the best way to engage readers – and search engines. 

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We use services like Yoast to assist in creating SEO friendly text and we design in software that is also SEO friendly.  But we also know that what the search engines are really trying to do is provide relevant content to users.  The best way to do that is to tell your company’s story.  You will automatically be creating content that is relevant to your customers.

Personalized Digital Marketing

To grow your business, you need to advertise your business. Don’t bother with radio, newspaper or television. Digital marketing has replaced them. WIM will help you create and manage an entire digital marketing plan while you focus on running your business. We are big enough to cover all of your needs and small enough to know you personally and care about you and your success. Get started now by filling out the form or giving us a call at 937-654-0441.

Show, don’t tell.

Let them see just how amazing your  business is.

Website Design 

Every company is different and their websites should reflect that uniqueness.  We help you design a website that incorporates original text, video and photograpy. 

Case Studies

Every business is different, which means their customers and their needs are also unique.  We work closely with our clients to create custom plans that  engage their customers. 

Home Improvement Web Series

Bud Polley’s Floor Center is up against some giant retailers, so one our goals is to show the depth of expertise that Bud Polley’s has that can’t be matched at the big box retailers. We do this visually, showing BPFC’s home remodeling projects.  Read more


Endorsed by a client and an established business

Grismer Tire and Auto Service is a well known name in Dayton and Southwest Ohio, so when they offered to do a testimonial for our client OGW Energy Resources, we jumped at the chance. Read more

Featuring a project, client testimonial.

Holdfast Technologies is a distributor of Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). ICF is a building technology that allows homeowners to build super-insulated, super-strong homes that are also quite beautiful. We traveled to Kentucky to talk to a couple who had built an ICF home a couple of years ago. Learn more

Capture happy faces

When a family visits Baby & Co 4D for a gender determination ultrasound, it’s an emotional and thrilling experience getting to see their new child for the first time. It’s a magical moment for everyone in the family that will be remembered for life. Our strategy with B&C is to convey the sheer happiness people find at this moment. Read more

Show the transformation

Mendenhall Builders does some truly beautiful home remodeling. They have a knack of meshing beauty with design to create livable, lovable homes that their customers are thrilled with. Read more

Educate your customer

Drinking water is all about good health. Nobody wants unnecessary chemicals in their drinking water. Which is why people turn to Glaser Softwater for home water purification systems. Glaser’s emphasis is on selling systems that demonstrably improve the quality of water. Read more


What our customers are saying about us.

WIM has become a true partner in helping Bud Polley’s Floor Center grow. They have become a part of our team, even educating themselves on all types of flooring and flooring design so that they really understand our products, services and customers. They often meet with and film our customers for testimonials, which shows the kind of the confidence we place in WIM.

Tina Vollmer

Owner, Bud Polley's Floor Center

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