Video Production & Photography

The power of visual storytelling working for your business. Show the world why your business is better than others, showcase your level of expertise.

The power of your story

No other business is exactly like yours. And it’s the differences that make your business better than your competition. Don’t just tell customers about what makes you better – show them. Use video and photography to tell the story that only your business can tell. WIM produces professional videos and photos that show your customers who you are and the benefits you offer. Don’t use stock photography – use actual photos of your business, your services, your products. Have a customer who wants to brag about you, get them into a video. Your story is unique – tell it with photography and video.

URS – stories that will touch your heart.

If you’re selling an adventure, video can immerse your customers in the experience – the outdoors, cool water, splashing, family fun. Just click the button to reserve some fun for yourself. 

AVHC is dedicated to preserving historic buildings on the Dayton VA campus. Video engages supporters by giving them a close up look at these historic Civil War-era structures. 

Metalworking is part science and part art form, part computer controls and part decades of experience that create a master metalworker. CMF’s video shows their highly skilled metalworkers in action. 

Testimonials are golden, especially when those testimonials come from recognized regional brand names. Grismer loved OGW’s lighting in their new facility and was happy to tell everyone.

David’s home was destroyed by a tornado. He rebuilt a stronger, more durable house out of Nudura ICF, supplied by our client Holdfast Technologies and was thrilled to tell us his story.

How do you help share the benefits of building with ICF? You introduce them to a satisfied customer who would be happy to help out with a video testimonial. 

Ohio Caverns is much beloved by people in the region. So when OGW helped the Caverns go solar, the cavern owners were happy to tell the world about OGW. A win-win for both companies.

When you’re building an indoor tennis center, the lighting has to be perfect or no one will want to play there. OGW nailed it so the owner was happy to give us a tour and then endorse OGW. 

FITS helps people bring their dreams to life by offering training in film industry jobs. Instructor Carol Kravetz uses video to help inspire students to pursue their dream career. 

After their racing days are done, thoroughbred horses face an uncertain future. Friends of Ferdinand helps these champions find new homes.

Still photography

Sometimes a picture can capture your story just as well as video. We encourage our customers to document their work and projects, so that they can impress their future customers with their craftsmanship and expertise.

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